Post-Conference post on Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking seems quite popular recently. More and more books including some serious global responsibility topics are being published. Is it because of the international affairs getting more and more complicated? Or maybe it is just a coincidence and CT is another fad in #ELT?  At the 25th #IATEFLPolandconference in #Szczecin Piotr Steinbrich wondered if CT is teachable at all? 

CT was tackled also by Jamie Keddie who showed how videos may be used to stimulate Crtitical Thinking and how we are sometimes fooled by some of youtubers.

Piotr Bucki, in turn, made us aware how our brain falls prey to myths and automatic behaviours and how it affects decision making process.

In my talk I focused on debunking myths, lies and tracing fake news. Making students adopt “question everything” approach and search for primary sources of information. In case you want to see some of the fake news my students found over the internet, check the slides below:


One thought on “Post-Conference post on Critical Thinking.

  1. marcinstanowski says:

    On 17th September 2016, during the 25th IATEFL Poland conference in Szczecin I delivered a keynote on teaching critical thinking.
    Although I paid attention to provide the sources of information included in my talk, especially on such a topic, one particular important piece of information slipped my mind.

    In the talk, I showed an image presenting a painting by Adolf Hitler. The original idea of using this image at the lesson of English in the context of critical thinking comes originally from Dragana Stegic, to whom I apologise for not having mentioning her in the presentation.


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