Let’s meet Katarzyna Łaziuk -one of the speakers at Global Inspirations

Learn more about the speakers of Global Inspirations.

One of the presenters at our event this year is Katarzyna Łaziuk.

As an English as a Foreign Language teacher at Polska Macierz Szkolna High School in Minsk Mazowiecki near Warsaw, Łaziuk said she doesn’t usually have time to cover the Holocaust in class. But she is so passionate about the topic that she finds ways to involve students and her community in voluntary, extracurricular projects dealing with Holocaust remembrance and Jewish culture.

Katarzyna is a brilliant speaker and devoted teacher but also has experience in organizing business workshops for students and running exchange programs. Her current interests include teaching tolerance, critical thinking. She hopes to instill open-mindedness in her students. Currently working on her PhD program on teaching on the Holocaust and human behavior. Loves literature, travelling and dancing.

At the Global Inspirations Katarzyna will present the talk:From testimony to empathy

The presentation is going to show how testimonies can be incorporated into teaching English while meeting educational standards. The online sources such Visual History Archives and its online application Iwitness will be offered. The presenter will provide tips and practical ideas on how to work with testimonies.

The Visual History Archive is USC Shoah Foundation’s online portal that allows users to search through and view more than 54,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of genocide. They are invaluable resources for humanity, with nearly every testament encompassing a complete personal history of life before, during and after the subject’s firsthand experience with genocide. Survivors stories can serve as a great opportunity to make students more sensitive and empathetic. Hopefully, students exposed to memoirs will learn a lesson how to be an upstander and take actions against injustices. Dedicated to making English more compelling and engaging? Join the session!

More formation about Katarzyna’s achievements:

You may find some publications of Katarzyna here: http://www.hltmag.co.uk/dec15/less01.htm



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