Marketing and values? Marek Seretny, Phd at Global Inspirations

Is putting marekting and values side by side appropriate? Values seemed to be valuable for marketing only as market value.

Can marketing be sustainbale? Can business be moral?

Marek Seretny will guide us into those tricky topics. Today’s economy is experiencing serious economic and social problems affecting all citizens of the world, both rich and poor. The earth seems to become insufficient to meet the standards ofliving that the developed societies expect. Marketing is seen as the cause of many such problems. It contributed to the emergence ofthe behaviours that should be changed.

With its indisputable impact on market development, marketing has a strong influence on degradation, but it can also build positive behaviours of consumers, enterprises, organizations, and entire societies. Understood as a philosophy of action, a way of thinking and doing business, sustainable marketing promotes credibility and responsibility, leading to better consumption, better relationships, and more responsible business, thus influencing the creation of a better world.

Marek Seretny, Phd has years of experience in marketing management in the international arena. In the academic field within the science of managing he deals with the science of marketing. On the basis of professional experience, acquired knowledge and ongoing research Marek Seretny realizes his research interests in the area of responsible marketing, implementing the model of  Sustainable Marketing and developing the theory of Sustainable Marketing Management. You may read some of his articles at Academia:



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