Teaching matters of the heart


We are honoured to have Julie Pratten as a speaker at the Global Inspirations.

In her session Julie will look at how we can approach matters of the heart such as kindness and compassion in the classroom. She will give some examples acts of kindness campaigns for different age groups and examine some of the resources available for teaching global citizenship skills.

She will also talk about how she set up Heart ELT, a charitable img_3433publishing initiative that produces crowdsourced books and explain how teachers can get involved in the ELT for Social Change movement.

Julie Pratten is the founder of Heart ELT, a non-profit organisation incorporated in the UK that provides resources and support to children who cannot access education. Julie has taught for over three decades specialising in BE and soft skills img_3432and is the leading author of banking and financial English publications include ‘Absolute Banking English’ and ‘Absolute Financial English’ by Delta Publishing. She also developed the app Brighton Study Kit, a social initiative for the University of Brighton and Academic Flipwords, a free app which focuses on vocabulary from the Academic Word List.
In autumn 2015 Julie set up a safe learning space for Syrian refugees in Domiz refugee camp in Dohuk, Iraq. Six months later she launched Heart ELT Publishing, a non-profit organisation that publishes educational materials to raise funds for children who have little or no access to education and to provide support to teachers working in difficult circumstances.
In 2015 Julie’s publishing platform, Academic Study Kit was the joint winner of the BESIG David Riley Award for Innovation with ‘A-Z Business English.’ Julie is a keen advocate of collaborative writing projects and has just started ‘Create and Collaborate’ Writing Retreats in Antalya, Turkey. Doing things differently in collaboration with others is what inspires her.
Julie is a regular speaker at international conferences and a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton.


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