The Global Issues Special Interest Group aims to provide a forum among IATEFL members and non-affiliated teachers to develop and stimulate understanding of global issues and how they relate to teaching.

Our Aims:

  •  to encourage IATEFL PL members and Polish teachers in general to incorporate current topics into teaching,
  •  to raise and stimulate awareness of global issues among EFL teachers,  to provide a forum for the discussion of the importance of global issues in ELT,
  •  to provide teachers with a place to share materials, handouts and ideas concerning teaching global issues, 
  • to equip Polish teachers with knowledge about current topics which may be brought up during EFL classes, 
  • to promote information on values and understanding of current political, social and environmental issues among Polish students of EFL.


Language does not exist without culture, context and its speakers. Since today’s world is troubled with so many crises and problems it would be unnatural to avoid talking about them in EFL classroom.

Teaching such issues is not only valuable, as it gives a plethora of possible lexical areas to consider, but also makes teaching and learning English closer to real life. People outside the classroom do speak about poverty, politics and environment. It is a natural interest of people to get involved in disputes and attempt to solve dilemmas.

We believe people of all age groups share this interest. It is probably even more important with teenage students who will soon enter adult life and should be prepared to express their opinions and be able to support their point of view appropriately referring to their knowledge of the world.


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