Immigration lesson for B1 students from

Age range: 12 – adult
Theme: Immigration

This lesson is based on the topic of immigration. It can be a sensitive topic, which may generate strong opinions.

Students are asked to discuss the reasons that people migrate, write a poem about immigration and try to put themselves in the position of a recent immigrant.

They will also discuss opinions about different aspects of migration.


The Best Resources For Learning About The Children Refugee Crisis At The U.S. Southern Border

Larry Ferlazzo’s blog has always been an endless source of inspiration for EFL teachers.

This time I’d like to  draw your attention to one specific post of his from July 2014. Larry presented there a long list of online resources for discussing children refugees crisis in the USA.

Please, see the link below:

Lesson on migrant crisis from Linguahouse


Today I am recommending you a LINGUAHOUSE free lesson (you must log in though) images Crazy idea

Level: Intermediate

Type Of English: General English

The theme of this 6-page worksheet is the migrant crisis in Europe. Student’s read about an Egyptian billionaire who wants to accommodate desperate refugees on two privately-owned Greek islands. The lesson focuses on vocabulary, grammar (reported speech) and speaking.